Summer 2022
Class Schedule

Childrens Division


Toddler Dance

Tuesday 9:45



Wednesday 10:30


Saturday 9:15. Thursday 4:15

Level I

Saturday 9:15

Level II

Tuesday 5:00 & Monday 4:30

Level III

Monday & Wednesday 4:30

Level IV

Monday & Wednesday 5:30

Level V

Tuesday 6:00

Thursday 5:00

Aerial Yoga Kids

Tuesday 4:20

Adult Division


Adult Dance

Monday Ballet 7:00

Thursday Combo 7:00

Aerial Yoga 

Monday 8:00pm

Tuesday 10:30a

Thursday 7:00pm

Aerial Barre Fitness

Saturday 8:15am 

Wednesday 7:00pm

Please plan on arriving 15 minutes prior to your scheduled class time in proper attire and hair in a neat bun.